Thursday, June 21, 2012

High Five + Top Five 6.22.12

This week sure did seem to fly by! Maybe its cause i have my eye on the prize... the weekend!!!

So here are my Top 5 and High Five highlights of th week:

So a couple weeks ago I asked my hair stylist (Hi Claire!) what shampoo I should invest in. I was looking for change! I am ashamed to admit it but I was still using cheap Aussie hair care products! What was I thinking?!?! The lovely Claire suggested Redken All Soft. Who knew I was in for such a treat! I love this stuff. I found it at Ulta for about $25 for the big bottle! I'm in love!

Saturday was filled with back to back events but we capped off the day with trip to see a new band at a bar that I had heard about but never been to! We stopped in to Hennessy's to see the Galway Hooker Band. (FYI they named their band after an Irish fishing boat! Ha!) These guys were pretty lively and we had a good time listening to the Irish rock! So fun! The company wasn't too bad either! (Another good part was that they served diet coke! Very diet friendly!)

The countdown to Alaska has begun! As of today, we leave in 4 weeks and 5days! Can.not.wait! It's sooooo not too early to count down!

This weekend Jami and I have what I have dubbed a "blogging sesh" scheduled! I cannot wait to plan with this gal! I am sure we can come up with some great stuff! We even have hopes to plan a meet up for so cal bloggers! Boy, that would be great!

Wednesday is the day my classroom is assigned to take field trips for the summer. This week we went to Centennial Farms at the Orange County Fairgrounds! It was soooooo fun! We got to see a cow milking demonstration, goats, chicks, a peacock, and roosters along with a bunch of different crops that they grow! We even got to see the pregnant pigs! I am so excited to see their little piggies when they are born just in time for the fair!