Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Rosey Week

Ahhh... just smell the roses! 
(& hopefully you don't have allergies like me!)
Lovely Little Things
So this week's task was to do something to get the creative juices flowing! 
I did a couple of things within the last week or so to get my creative juices flowing. Here they are:

1. I visited Hobby Lobby for the first time! They just put one in that is not more than 2 hours from the city we live in and it was a fun experience. I had trouble figuring out what my next project would be just out of the fact that i was a bit overwhelmed by the enormity of the Hobby Lobby. I did however need to get some fabric for the 100th Post Giveaway. I definitely found what i was looking for!

2. I decided that Friday night would be filled with a trip to the local Joann's to purchase items for my next wreath! I definitely want ot make this one quicker than i made the last one so that it is ready to go for 4th of July! Here are my supplies ready to go.... you will have to wait for the finished product!

3. Some of my gal pals really liked my previous wreath and would like to learn to make it! I am so excited to host then over at my place for a crafty afternoon! Can't wait! Get your glue guns ready girls!

So that is my link up with the lovely Jessica over at Lovely Little Things

I also thought i would give another Monday link up a try this time around!
(Don't worry i love the smell the roses link up and i don't want to give it up! Keep it going Jessica! The tasks are things i feel i could/should do for myself.) 
Anyway Classy Living is a blog i have followed for a while and thought i would give their the Good, the Bad and the Ugly link up a try! Here goes nothin'! 

The Good - Blog Planning with Jami! I loved our time to chat and sit down to talk about the future of our part of the blogosphere! We made some preliminary plans for some great stuff that i am way excited about! 

The Bad - I spent Friday night alone! I really don't think this was all that bad, but the truth is, I did miss him! (He did seem to be home before i new it tho!) 

The Ugly - Totally needing one more day to do this:

Grab a button and share your good, bad and ugly!

Classy Living