Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Delayed Teacher Appreciation

I know this is a little bit after the fact, but i really thought you might like to see how my CHURCH, yes  my church, celebrates teachers! (It turns out there are quite a few teachers around!)

So a few weeks before the big weekend, everyone got invites to give out, send out, share, whatever with people who are teachers. I kindly distributed a few around my campus with a no-obligation invite but also warned people that I would be on the big screen! Holy cow, I was on the big screen talking about teaching! Wow! Even now i am apprehensive about sharing that fact and the video. 

Yet another think i love about my church is that they have a whole ministry dedicated to serving local teachers. I know for myself i have always felt that there is so much potential for ministry in local areas. Honestly, i have not felt called to other countries to serve. But rather i have felt that serving where I was raised and where i live is where i am called to serve. This may seem like i just want to avoid going above and beyond, but rather i think it is an opportunity to go above and beyond each day. This is not to say that ministry abroad is better than or even less than ministry right here where i stand. I am just saying that ministry can be right where you are and that not everyone is called to all parts of the nations! So a few of the teachers that are sponsored through Terra Nova were at services. It sure was nice to meet other teachers. I even met some teachers who were special education teachers! That was neat! 

Teachers were celebrated all weekend at all services and each teacher was given a little goody bag! This was fun! The goody bag includes sticky notes, glitter, and gift cards! There was a Starbucks card and a gift card to Lakeshore Learning! So cool! I felt appreciated! So here's the video. Enjoy! 

Did the video make u laugh a little? It makes me laugh and feel awkward all at the same time!