Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thursday Thirteen 6.28.12

I did not realize this when i scheduled it but this week is obviously my week to link up with anyone and everyone! I have really wanted to link up with All Things Lovely and CJVZ Hearts You for the Thursday 13 link up! So, I am linking up again!

All Things Lovely

Here are 13 things about me this week! 

1. I am 5'2". I call it vertically challenged. :)

2. Now that i have lost some weight, i truly want to buy a new dress for every day of the week! (shh don't tell hubs!)

3. My number one snack right now is either a protein bar or a yummy flavored Greek yogurt! (its not what you think ... my recipe is not loaded with that icky sugar stuff! Recipe post to come soon!) 

4. I love to watch TV! The Bachelorette is my current addiction plus I love so many other shows! 

5. I have lived in California my whole life and love living here! 

6. I currently have 10 students in my class for summer school and they bless me each and every day! Some of them in different ways than others! 

7. My hubby is 11 days younger than me! Robbin the cradle?!? Not really! 

8. I have a younger sister who lives in London! (not sure if she has been reading!) I miss her and am soooo proud of her!

9. My first car was a 1997 Honda Civic. It was grey and gave me many headaches because it did not always have a clean bill of health!

10. I kick-box and have since 2003! Watch out! 

11. I didn't start dating until i turned 25 and that was by choice. 

12. I cannot wait for what life brings for my hubs and me. 

13. I rarely have trouble sleeping! I thank my job for that! 

Welp, that's 13 things about me. I will randomly be linking up with All Things Lovely and CJVZ Hearts You! This was fun! In the future i will theme my posts so that you can learn something. Well, maybe! 

Hope your Wednesday felt like a Friday! (Mine has felt like a Friday all afternoon, but alas, I must work tomorrow!)