Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back with a Vengeance

Well, here i am! 
I'm back... and with a total vengeance! 

I thought i would begin by updating you on my life the last couple weeks and then do a little celebrating! When all that is done, hold you horses i hope to have a Random Thursday post included! Oh my, oh my! 

So hubs and I moved on the 22nd and we are in a smaller apartment that i am enjoying thus far! It may be smaller, but there are definite perks thus far. 
Here are some positives: A bigger bathroom, a bigger counter space to prep food on, money saved towards a house, a large garage, a garage that is easy to pull my car into and being up on the 3rd floor, streaming television, and being much closer to a shopping center! Oh and i am within walking distance to my gym! 
Negatives: being on the 3rd floor, a smaller living room, bedroom, closet, and patio, and a few other things, but i am not focused on the negative! Who wants to read about that?!?! 

Regardless of the negative stuff, i am keeping my eyes focused on a house for us to purchase this summer! Here's hopin' and prayin' that we can find an orange county home in our price range! 
Oh and i cannot forget to mention a huge thanks to the friends who helped us move all our stuff! You never realize how much you have until you move it all! And then you really realize how much you have when you have to drag it all up to the 3rd floor! Thanks friends! You know who you are! 

Oh and i also scratched my cornea which delayed me getting back to blogging for a couple days for sure! It is healing and i am looking cute in my goggles, i mean glasses! More pics on this to come! 

Next on the list.... 
It's this little blog's birthday! 
Yep, its been around for a whole year now! 
I have definitely learned a bunch about blogging and have truly felt inspired by so many talented bloggers! I am excited about the friendships i have made and the ones that the future holds for me as a blogger! There are so many great aspects to this thing we call blogging! 

If you care to look back over the last year here are a few posts that you might like to re-read or even read for the first time! 

Top Posts:

I've come a long way and i can't wait to see where this little blog takes me next! 

Finally, last but not's Random Thursday! 
I've been gone from Random Thursday for so long, i gotta get back to normal, that's for sure! 
Today's topic:
So it's gonna be a bit hard to hide my country roots on this one! 
That's right, this girl loves country! 
I have listened to it since i was young, way young! I even remember hearing my parents watch the Grand Ol' Opry on TV when i was supposed to be in bed! 

Here are a few from the past and then some from today that i am far from sick of! 
This song brings tears to my eyes every time! 

Can't leave this song out! Nor could i leave out Garth Brooks! 

My favorite Jimmy Buffett song! I love going to this guys live shows! 

This was my first dance with my hubby! How could i get sick of a song that brings back a great memory?!?

Yep totally sang along to this one! Just like i do every time i hear it in the car! THis girl loves Eric Church! 

OK and here's some of my rock-side (truth is: This is too fun!)
A little U2! 

How could I leave out Tom Petty? 
Alright! That is officially my first post back! It's a big one! I hope you enjoyed! 
For making it to the end i will randomly be selecting one of you for a SURPRISE GIVEAWAY! 
All you have to do is comment! OK READY GO!  

PS Happy new year to you all!