Friday, January 4, 2013

Word to the Wise

A few days ago I wrote that i scratched my cornea! 

So our New Year's Eve was really nothing much! 
We started the day at the doctors office, where i quietly sat in the waiting room with my sunglasses on the whole time! The doctor then explained that she thought that i probably scratched my cornea. Once she tested my eye and showed my husband how cool it looked, we got a prescription and then headed to the drug store! Then it was to the grocery store and to pick up lunch! 

Here's a few snap shots of my eye. 
(You may have already seen this shot on my instagram @simoney234)
The top shot was taken on NYE when i could barely hold my eye open and there was a ton of tearing! It was pretty swollen too! Then the bottom pic is me with my glasses on on NYD! I have been sporting those lenses since then and have yet to put on contacts! The redness is still there but the watering, swelling, and closed eye lid have subsided! 

So i stayed home from about Monday at 3 (or so) til Thursday afternoon!
It was time to brave the outside world and 2013! 

Word to the Wise: Don't scratch your cornea! It hurts, a lot! 

Oh and I can't forget my SURPRISE! 
The winner of the SURPRISE is Amber Watson from Amber Nicole
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(I sent you an email yesterday!) 

I am not being paid by Redbox, but Redbox has supplied me with a few codes to run a few giveaways! Stay tuned n the next couple months, because there are more to giveaway!