Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Loot

Thought i would spend a little time sharing what Santa brought me this year....

Well, let's be honest, Santa was busy packing boxes in our home, so hubs and i took advantage of after Christmas sales! That's right we shopped for ourselves! 

So on the day after Christmas we braved the stores! 
Here's what i found at Old Navy:

Sorry for the horrible shot on this one... its a black long sleeved boat neck shirt. 

@Jami - yep i saw this shirt, tried it on and bought it. If you would like to borrow the green version of your pink one, just call me! 

And then two trips to Target got me all this loot too:

These two shirts were dubbed "Fancy T-shirts" and i can always pair them with my new cardigan (below)

Lovin this chiffon shirt! If you can't tell it has a bunch of anchors all over it!

I have a whopping 10 new tops and 2 new sweaters! Wow! And did i mention i still have gift cards to spend? 
Ann Taylor Loft here i come! 

I think i did pretty well! 
Did you do any after Christmas shopping? 
The surprise i promised in yesterdays post will close tonight at midnight! 
The winner will be announced on Friday's blog post! So far there are only a few comments so, you pretty much have a good chance of winning, just leave a comment!
Oh and you can also find out what the winner gets!
BTW You must be a US resident to win!