Monday, January 7, 2013

Snickerdoodle Yumminess

You may have seen that i was baking a few days ago! 

I have volunteered to make appetizers for our church service on Saturday nights one time a month. 
This time it was my turn to do a dessert and some sort of vegetable. 

The vegetable was easy: a veggie tray! 
But the dessert clearly needed to be made! 

This is one of those moments where Pinterest comes in handy! 
I definitely had a few options! 

I ended up choosing Snickerdoodle Bread! 
Source: via Simone on Pinterest

And here is my version! 
A few notes: 
- The recipe called for Cinnamon chips and they are a seasonal item. I must have missed them in the stores though i have never seen them before! I opted for white chocolate chips instead! this was a great option and way more readily available.
-The bread was perfectly moist! Loved that! I think it must have been the sour cream! 
- The recipe calls for it to be baked for 35-40 min. for mini loaf pans, but i do not own mini loaf pans. I used the larger loaf pans plus 2 more 8x8 pans! It took quite a bit longer for them to bake through. If you choose to use a different sized pan, just keep and eye on them. Mine took about 55 minutes a piece. I kept testing them with my knife to make sure the middle was done! 
- I highly recommend utilizing the "measure once, mix twice" rule that helps when baking more than one batch! This means i do end up with a few more dishes, but it helps with not having to measure the same thing twice. (Basically i measure out my ingredients in the order the recipe calls for and then measure the same ingredients into additional bowls! It makes the second batch go so much quicker!
- The white chocolate chips melted into the bread making it super yummy!  
-I cut up each loaf and put it on trays. There was all but 6 pieces left after church! Everyone loved it! I saw several people going back for more! 

Overall, this was a great recipe! 
I will be making it again! 

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