Monday, January 21, 2013

10 on Tuesday Round 1

Gonna try this out this week! 
I have been reading Linny's 10 on Tuesday posts for a while and I have participated in her Random Thursdays that she co-hosts on Thursdays. So it's about time that i tried this one out! 

Tuesdays as Mondays confuse me. I know, I know, the week goes by faster, but c'mon. It just feels a little unnatural. By Friday i will feel differently, i'm sure. 

CA weather has gone from 30 degrees to 80 in the course of a week. My wardrobe is incredibly confused. Californians cannot really store away summer clothes. It doesn't work. 

Have I mentioned that my kitten fetches? She is pretty darn good too! she brings back the ball, hair tie, toy mouse, or whatever you throw for her. She even meows a little when she does it! So cute! 

At one a recent social event where not everyone knew each other, i became completely convinced that people were recognizing each other from Facebook. I don't think this is completely out of the question. I think we all do our fair share of Facebook stalking and we could easily look at pictures of people we would potentially meet. Side note: I never thought anyone looked familiar at said social gathering, just made the observation! 

So, while most classrooms might be filled with a variety of kids, mine is clearly filled with kids that are like the one at the end (on the far right). 
My cat fetches.
This video is a bit old and please disregard that there are a million paper bags in the background!
(They were all ready to go to my classroom!)

Keeping on the theme of cats... this is really hilarious! 

My husband did not fins this as amusing as i thought he would. I love it! You may not think it is as funny. You have been warned!

The Bachelor is on tonight.! Its so cliche, but here's my excuse for liking this show and continuing to watch it season after season. I love to watch where they go and what they wear! But to be honest, this season i REALLY like Sean! He was my favorite when he was on The Bachelorette with Emily. What I don't like? The stupid DRAMA commercials that air over and over again! I have no favorites just yet because so many of the girls seem to still be psychos!

Being a featured blogger on SITS Girls was pretty cool! Thanks to all those that visited and stuck around!

I totally thought my Monday off was going to be filled with tons of items getting marked off my to-do list. What was i thinking!?! I did however get all the cooking done for the week, like seven loads of laundry, and registered for my Autism Authorization that i have to get done by October! BTW while i cooked i watched old episodes of Family Ties on Hulu. It was fun, but i realize that TV was way different back then!

Hope you have a great Tuesday! Stop by some other blogs to see their 10!
(Linny & Amber- I have no clue where to find your code for this cute button! I think it's your plot to get me to spend a little extra time on your blogs! Guess what? It worked! Love ya both!)
The link up is here and here!
PS It's blog hop day! Come and join us!