Saturday, January 5, 2013

One Little Word

Can you believe that a new month is here already? 
That means it is time for another currently! 
(I missed last month! So sad!) 

Anyway, not gonna miss this month at all! 
Nope not one bit! 

Here are my notes: 
-Hubby usually works from home on Fridays which means i get to hear all hte stressful callw when i am home from work! 
-Truly LOVE that we still have one more week off! 
-This morning has been really productive! I am writing this blog post 2 days in advance and I already have a post scheduled for tonight, plus i baked this morning! 
-Yep, that's right, i am in need of a new pair of jeans! MY ann Taylor LOFT gift cards should come in handy for this! And i just love Toms! Who wouldn't want another pair!?
-Not even close to being done with this book, but i don't mind if my book clubbers spoil it! WIth the move and scratching my cornea, all the time i had set aside to read was just gone! 
-My One Little Word? Rest! this means so many things to me right now! It means that i need to take the time to reast instead of busying myself all the time! It means that i need to rest in the knowledge that the Lord will take care of my husband and I. I also need to rest in the grace that He offers so freely! And also, when it comes to finding a house, i need to rest my fears and go about it strategically, rather than stressing at every turn!  

That one little word is what i am leaving you with on this Sunday! 
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Off to go follow the rule of 3!