Monday, January 7, 2013

VoxBox Virgin No More

Did I tell you? 

It must have slipped my mind between all the eye drops, holidays, and moving boxes! 

I completely forgot about my Holiday VoxBox! 
Lots of fun goodies to put to good use! 

Here's the snap shot:

Here the quick list of my goodies:
(Starting on the top left, going clockwise)
1. Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask - This will come in handy! 
2. Sole Society $25 off coupon - Will definitely be checking these guys out! 
3. Goody Quickstyle Half Round Styler Brush - super curious to try this one out though it has yet to make it into my bathroom! 
4. EBOOST - an energy drink additive with NO CRASH! I will put this to use when we go back to school, for sure! 
5. NYC New York Color Liquid Lip-shine - the color is a great nude shade and will be useful in my make up bag! Might even give this a try tonight!
6. Quaker Real Medleys - will be giving this a try sometime this week! It looks delicious! 
7. Kiss Nail Dress - This is not really me, but i have an idea to put them to use! Don't forget about these! 

OK so, look for some more shots of these goodies on my instagram! 
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Have a great Monday! 
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