Saturday, May 12, 2012

DIY: A little Blog Planner goes a long way!

Ok, it's been asked for, talked about, and now it's finally here!

That's right.... A post about my blog planner!

I got the idea to do a planner this way from Jessica at Lovely Little Things! Her post about her cute little planner is great and was extreme helpful! It gave me enough info to get started and make it my own!
Here's mine ... of course wit the iPad not far behind! (I type a lot of my posts using an app called Quick Office Pro! 
 I began by buying a spiral bound notebook. It's hard cover cause I do a lot of my planning from the couch! Also, there is a little pocket in the from to hold stuff, though I did not photograph it and I have not even put anything in it yet either! I am sure something will sneak in there soon enough!
I also added tabs, but instead of sticky notes, I used the tabs that post-it makes! I love those little doo-hickeys! Don't you? Anywho, my first divider is titled "This Week" and I move this one around each week! On each page I include a week-at-a-glance page with room for a blogger to do list, stats from Sunday, and even a spot to write down who I am going to encourage as well! I am totally loving this because it has really helped me to organize myself a bunch!

The next tab is "post ideas" and it's justa running list of every idea I have! I fel like I forget so many ideas so it helps to have some written down. It also helps for when I get stuck and can't figure out what to write!

The next tab is "blogger resources" and here's where I put important info I want to reference later. Examples would be where to edit photos for free and even where to find a new template or two! I even have a small list going of where to get graphics for all the worksheets i am going to make for my kiddos in the classroom! 
And last but not least, the "Long Term To Do" tab! This gives me a spot to write down my long term goals for this part of blog land!
Hope you enjoyed!