Thursday, January 10, 2013

H54F 1.10.13

High Five! 
It's Friday! 
That means it is time to link up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk!

My new jeans! Thank goodness for Christmas gift cards! 
Oh and I got a shirt for $5! Plus a cute polka dotted cardigan!
Thanks Mom for all the Loft gift cards! They sure did come in handy! 

I get to see a friend today! 
Its been a while, but i am so excited and we have no clue what we are even doing! 
Do you ever have that problem? Make plans with a friend and hen not know what you wanna do with 'em? Either way, i love this friend of mine and can't wait to see her! And yes, there are some friends who are fake, this girl is not one of them! 

I am almost done with my Picaboo books for our vacation from last Summer! The Seattle one is complete and now i am about half way through the Alaskan Cruise book! 
Can't wait!

Treating my mother to dinner at Cocina Enoteca for her birthday! 
It meant that we got to eat some pretty darn delicious food to celebrate her birth!
Happy Birthday to my mom! 

Being home all week means I have gotten to blog with this little cutie! i have spent so much time with her this week! Oh and it has been good fun to get in a few extra workouts! It also has meant i have had to get out of my pajamas! 

Hope your weekend goes awesome! See you all back here on Monday for a giveaway!