Monday, January 14, 2013

A Prayerful Blogger

A huge part of this blogging world is to befriend those that also blog. 

It has been a huge blessing to me to read about other people, their teaching experiences, new lesson plans, about hopes, dreams, struggles, and triumphs and really so much more! Often I read several posts in an evening and many times i find myself reading posts with tears streaming or a huge smile and sometimes even a huge belly laugh! Many times i have been led to pray for my fellow bloggers. It is definitely not easy to express yourself with care on the internet, but it takes a huge amount of guts to really say what is on your heart. 

Bloggers who spill their personal struggles often lead me to prayer. 
Today I thought i would share the bloggers who have recently led me to prayer. 
I will not share the reasons why, but only ask that you read the posts that I link to and maybe even say a prayer for that person in return. 

Check out this post and this post

Check out this post from a few months ago! She has been heavy on my heart since i read her struggle! 
Baking…Crafting…Teaching…Oh My!

Michelle @ The Vintage Apple
She had her little apple just before the new year and she has been on my prayer list as well!
Check out this post and this one too! 

Check out this post!
I cannot find the exact post that htis lady posted about six months ago, but this lady had had one hec of a time finding a teaching job. She seems to roll with the punches and continues to work with kiddos however she possibly can! She just started a new job, mid-year and I have continued ot keep her in my prayers. She definitely has the heart for special ed kiddos! 

I hope you might join me in praying for these lovely ladies! 

Oh and don't forget today is the GFC Blog Hop with The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife! go Check it out! 

PS. I have thought about making this into a link up, would any of you be interested? 
Leave a comment to let me know!