Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Little Letter Writing

I have a few letters to get off my chest! 

Dear Lily- I love how cute your kitty ways are! You play fetch and i love it most of the time. This week you made me and your Pops so proud! You did not freak out when you got clipped and even when you were bathed! What and awesome kitten you are! 

Dear Hubs- I love you! So glad you have had a pretty good work week! I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments! Can't wait to spend a weekend with you! 

Dear Work- I hate you, you smell! I want vacay back! And no, Monday is not enough! 

**Side note - I don't hate my job, but who doesn't just adore vacation time? 

Dear Blog- I cannot wait til Monday! Winners will be announced plus there will be other fun stuff! January is a big month here on this blog! 

Dear Body- Yeah, I've been moving you so much, yet the scale says nothing has changed! I am tired and sore, so um, yeah, you could be a bit lighter! Might be time to lose again! 

Dear Followers- How i totally love you all! Welcome to my new followers and thanks for staying to my veterans! Hope you like this little piece of blog-land! 

Dear Penpal - I am so sorry it has taken so long for me to write you back! Will be writing soon! Oh and your new blog is adorable! (You know who you are!) 

Got and letters to get off oyur chest? 
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