Monday, January 14, 2013

It's a Giveaway!

I promised!
And I am totally coming through!

There's a giveaway on this here blog today!
It's my one way to celebrate going back to my classroom. Ugh! 
Winter vacay, how i miss thee!

Here's the deal: 
I'm giving away 5 rentals from your local Redbox to five different people! 
If you don't know what Redbox is, just click here and their website can help you out with that! 
Let's just say it is the easiest form of renting DVDs, Blu-rays  and games on the face of this planet, or at least in the USA! Returning them is pretty simple too! 

So the Academy Awards are coming and all the nominees were announced last week!
Here are some ideas for what you could watch, if you win! 
(WARNING: All movies below contain Oscar Nominated actors and actresses, these movies are NOT Oscar nominees! Actors in these movies have been nominated for these movies or another more recent movie! These movies are or will be available in Redbox machines, however, they may not be available right when you want them! Make sure to reserve in advance to ensure your movie is there!) 

With Bradley Cooper
(Nominated for Best Actor for his work in Silver Linings Playbook)

With High Jackman
(Nominated for Best Actor for his work in Les Miserables)

Available on Redbox Feb. 5th
(Denzel is nominated for Best Actor for his work in this movie)

With Jessica Chastain
(Nominated for Best Actress for her work in Zero Dark Thirty)

With Jennifer Lawrence
(Nominated for Best Actress for her work in Silver Lining Playbook)

These are just a few movies that you could rent if you win! 

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