Sunday, January 20, 2013

Elementary Reflections

Happy MLK Jr Day! 

I am off work today, are you?
Hope your work day went awesome if you had to work! 

Here's some childhood perspective on dreams for our world that I thought i would share with you! 

The title says: 
My Dream for the World is...
(I have blocked out my kiddos names to protect their privacy!) 

Here's what these shots say (in case its too small!) make everything look nice
...for everyone to make peace and have love.* make everyone happy. 
...that homeless people would have homes, food, and free stuff. give people everything they want. help people be safe. 
...that homeless people would have food.
... to give money to homeless people. 
...that everyone would have mashed potatoes to eat. *
...that people would not hate, but only love. *
...that everybody would have somebody who cares about them instead of hate. 
...that everybody should care about everyone.
...that everyone would not be mean and stop killing. *
...that everyone would have houses or apartments for free. 
* = ones that i really loved hearing from my students! 

Its amazing what kids have to say about the problems in our world!

It's also a really big day for this BLOG! 
It's my SITS Day! If you are not sure what this is head on over to the SITS Girls site to find out more! I am truly honored to be the featured blogger today! 
If you are a visitor here, please pull up a chair and stay for a while!

Oh and before i go, I had a little giveaway last week! 
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