Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I am a firm believer that dating, even within marriage should be fun and adventurous! 
It can melt a gals heart when a guy takes the time to plan a well thought out date. 

I know that i would not mind any date, any time of the year planned out for me! 
Don't worry hubs is great at doing these here and there! 

Yes, this would be an active thing to do with your significant other, but it sure is a bonding activity! Find a local recreational area, national park, local walking trail, wherever, just hike! Oh and if you're the guy, you might pack some sweet stuff like small love notes to red as you walk or snacks that yo know your gal will appreciate! Remember nothing too heavy, cause you will be HIKING! 

Recreate your First Date
Head to the same restaurant, do the same activity, recall all the feelings of your first time alone together. All of these things will really ignite the romance! Of course, it helps if you rememebr these details. 

Take a Class Together
I'm talking cooking class, photography class, or exercise class. This pulls you and your partner out of your "norm" and pushes you right into a new experience. You will have fun doing something new together and you might even learn a thing or two! 

Find a View
Yeah, this one totally sounds like it should be one for a high school make out session, but oh well! It might make you feel young again. This will totally help you to hit a pause button. This could be a lake, mountain, river, ocean, or whatever you find beautiful with your loved one. Just stand there and enjoy the view together it sure can make you stop to think about what life has brought your way! 

Cook a Meal In
Whoever normally cooks should not do this! Take over cooking responsibilities and plan a serious dinner. Don't make it overly complicated, but just simple enough to make it substantial. Remember a gal will enjoy some healthy food too! Oh and it doesn't hurt if you know all her favorites! 

Ladies - I hope you share these with your guys! Especially if they need a more than subtle hint! 

These would be great any time of year, but any gal sure does want to feel loved and cared for around Valentines day. 

Men - By all means you can opt for the candy and the flowers, but it sure wont mean as much. Treat her as though you would buy that ring for her all over again. Or even as though you would ask her out on your first date again!

Hope these ideas help! 

*Heart graphic from mygrafico.com