Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gym Etiquette 101

So on my last week off, i spent quite a bit of time working out! 
Our apartment complex has a gym for residents and i was excited to find a quiet place to work out. It wasn't as quiet as i had expected  but still there were very few people and there never was a fight for a machine! 

I did however get annoyed by one fellow resident who was using the gym on Wednesday. This guy was there when i walked in. He wasn't wearing headphones and was working out sporadically. He would lift a little and then get water and walk/wander around the room. While on the treadmill, this was bothersome because he kept popping up in my peripheral vision. He would also walk in between the machines and check himself out in the mirror that was all the way across the room. This made me think that he was just trying to get my attention. I also was not wearing my wedding rings which i wished i had had. Nothing scares away a creepy single gym rat like a big diamond on your finger. I remained on the treadmill and got a good run in along with a long walk after. He still lingered. 

I then moved to some weights. By this time, there were other people in the gym. Another girl and another guy, to be exact.  The other two people kept to themselves, worked out with out wandering around and bugging others, and for the most part did not even look my way. The odd creepy guy continued to wander. I laid down on the bench with my hand weights in hand and my phone on my stomach. I did a few reps with my hand weights, focusing on my arms and chest, and during that time, this creepy guy walked past me three times. Each time he STARED at my chest. Each time i desperately tried to avoid looking at this guy, but each time it was like he was standing over me and looking at me. It freaked me out! Anyway, i finished up my workout and left. I was even afraid that this guy would follow me on my walk back to my apartment, so i kept looking over my shoulder! He didn't follow me. But he got me thinking, for sure! 

Here are a few guidelines for us gals at the gym: 
1. Realize you have a choice: say something to the creeper or ignore and be secretly flattered by the stares. 
2. Realize that he is just a guy being a guy. They all look, some are just less obvious! 
3. Be cautious about what you wear to the gym. Make sure you are covering up! It's not time to wear a short skirt or show off cleavage. Even still, wearing standard gym attire may get looks. (I was wearing pants and a tank top!)

To the men:
1. Please try not to stare. It makes us feel awkward and uncomfortable. 
2. Realize that women only go to the gym to workout, sweat, and then leave. This is really not the time for us to meet you. 
3. Don't try to make us notice you by wandering around the gym after each set. It's annoying! 

Specifically to my neighbor who was in the gym the other day: You are a creepy guy who just needs to keep to himself. Your eyes should only be on the ground, your weights, or your iPod. Oh and BTW  get some sort of music device. It will help you seem less creepy! Thanks!