Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Little DIY for your Thursday

Topic for this week for Random Thursday .... its getting tough to introduce these posts ... I lack the creativity today! So here it is! 

In december my hubs and i moved into a tiny apartment... i vowed to not do much DIYin or crafting! So I thought i would share a project that has been mentioned here on this blog before .... check it out! 

Click here to see how to make this little do-hickey! 

This handy little thing has worked wonders for my car! I love that i have a spot for trash and I have trained my hubby to empty it every time we fill up on gas! It really has been so convenient! 

With no end in sight to this apartment living thing (that i am oh, so fond of, do you sense any sarcasm?) I thought i would share some of my pins that I would love to do to a house that is new to me... and all will be DIY projects because the Lord knows that I will need to save money when that time comes! 

These would be great for a home office! 

Love these mason jar lights! (Will have to see if they match the home we buy!)

Definitely love these barrels! Would love to even do a little herb garden or a small vegetable garden in one or two!

Ok that's my random Thursday post.... hope you enjoyed!
Check out some other DIY stuff! 
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PS. My blog is comin' at'cha on FRIDAY!!!! (Well if you are early enough, it will be Thursday night!)