Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blog Planner Love

I love what I have to share with you today! 

This blogger got a new planner! 
Yes I love my old way of planning out my posts and what I would share with you all, but the pages ran out and so did the ink on my dedicated blog planning pen! 

I rushed out to the happiest shopping place on Earth, where else, but Target. And struggled in the aisle trying to find a replacement for my notebook from a year or so ago. To no avail, there was nothing that satisfied me completely. Certain criteria started to fly out the window just so I could find a replacement. 

I was about to leave with an OK replacement that I was not thrilled with, when I found an end cap with a bunch of ADORABLE planners. They were meant for students going off to school and needing an organizer/planner! I cashed in on the opportunity and found this cute planner:

And here's a look inside: 
A view of the monthly calendar and the "DO" "CALL" and "BUY" list page. 

The monthly planning page. 

Each monthly calendar page is followed by a double page spread for the week. 

 Each weekly page has a "Notes" section and this is where I write my stats for the week. 
 I also use this sticky note to move it from week to week. 
 I then draw these check boxes and use that to check items off the weekly to do list! Stickies are the best invention ever! It really helps me to have a note written before hand! I get so much more done when I sit down to blog! I am way more focused with this planner! 

If you are in the market for a planner of any sort, I love this one! 
The best part: it was under $20! 
Target for the win!