Wednesday, July 24, 2013

RT: Travel anyone?

Gosh I need a vacation...
But with a kitty that has been sick, it has not been decided whether we are still going on our planned road trip or not. Our little Lily has been feeling better, but i would hate to see her relapse. It wouldn't be a good thing. And this girl would not be up for traveling. All I would be in the mood for would be movies and a Costco sized box of Kleenex! (Look at me, all pessimistic... ) She's doing well and all I can do is THANK GOD for that! It's not time for that cute kitty to leave this world. She still has so much to do and see! 

So, all this talk of a possible canceled vacation has me only thinking that i need to take one! So which would it be...

Well... let's choose one for each because I just love to travel! So I guess my answer is ALL THREE! 

This beach is on the island my mother grew up on. I love the red sand and in the summer months, there are tourists as far as the eye can see! I love the shallow water and the history of the place in general! There is a wall built under the water that was built to protect the beach during war times. There is also said to be a cave that was built that went from a high cliff above this beach to under the water all the way to Sicily! All for people to escape! So if I took a trip to a beach, I would love to take my hubby here! He would also get to meet my family! 

Rustic Cabin
These may not count so much as cabins, but they are close enough. These are not far from home, but my hubby and I have definitely wanted to give them a try! We would love to do this with a bunch of friends and just hang by the beach for a week! Shopping and restaurants are close by if you want a quick trip down to hang out, but if you stay down there, you can cook your own meals in the kitchen that is fully functional! 

My sister lives here, so this would kill two birds with one stone. My hubby and I really want to visit Europe period and this would be my choice for the city we would see together! So much still that I'd love to go back to see more of or even just see anew! 

That's my Random Thursday post for the week! 
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