Monday, July 8, 2013

Bingo was his Name-o

My husband and I are planning our next road trip! Both of us are quite excited and will definitely be ready to play some car games and crank up the tunes! We don't have kids now, but I thought i would make this cute little game for some of you out there that may be interested! 

As a teacher there are so many strategies that can be put to use in the car for kiddos. Playing simple car games without a lot of pieces and that can be easily managed by the driver can mean the difference between a smooth, calm car ride and a REALLY chaotic one! Hope you can put this to good use! I would love to hear if you put this to use or are planning on using this! Please share if you do by leaving a comment! 

Please use this game safely and following all the rules of the road!

  Roadtrip Bingo PDF

Click HERE to download. 

Have a great week!