Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Relaxation & News

Another Random Thursday! 
They really aren't so random when you do them each week, but at least the topics are! 

you're meaghan me crazy
But be sure to stick around to the end! Good news is at the end of this post! 


So here goes, here are the things that help me relax:

Summer Vacation. 
Do i need to explain this one?

Getting my monthly massage! 
I originally started going or a few reasons and after about 2 years of regular monthly those reasons are not as strong. One reason was for a shoulder that would not stop hurting and my neck that was so filled with tension that it was difficult to move! It was also intended for me to relax as well. I wanted "me time" and to take care of myself! After these last two year, I am not stopping, NO WAY!


The scent really gets me to a whole different level of relaxation! This was like heaven: 

Epoch is one of my favorites! 
Here's their labels and I would gladly take a bottle of either the Authenticity or the Ingenuity like now! 

Friends & Family

Lets face it these people are usually associated with something fun, whether it be a holiday, trip to Disneyland, lunch or dinner out, and even a hike or two! Surrounding myself with good people really helps me relax! 

That's what helps me to relax... what helps you relax? 
Check out what others have to say: 

you're meaghan me crazy

And now for the GOOD NEWS! 

Hmm let's see ... how do i put this... 
Starting today, I will also be blogging over at 
with my friends Windy and Lin
I am way excited about this and think the trio we have formed will be all kinds of awesome! 
Stop by and check out my post over there today too! That's right, two posts from me today!