Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My, What A Cute Little Card You Have!

A few weeks ago I saw this post and left an innocent comment. 
Who knew that it would lead to an awesome and easy experience!?

I knew I needed a wonderful card for our 3rd wedding anniversary and so when  I was contacted to give Card Store a chance, I was excited! 

Here's what I ended up with: 
A personalized 4.75 x 4.75 inch card!

inside cover:

inside message:

back cover:
It was so easy and they really were quick on the shipping! 
The pictures were all mine in this case, but that's just cause i really wanted a really personalized card! They have so many other cute options too! 

Check these out: 

See! So many cute options and I've only shown you three!!! 
From what I can tell they have great selection, customization, personalized or not, colorful and beautiful cards for every occasion! Oh and stationary too! Wow! So much under one roof... or .. er um... site! 

Check them out by visiting