Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dining Out Together


I've been seeing quite a bit about "Same side sitters" and I've decided to throw my hat in the ring. Gonna share my opinion on this whole thing! 

Here's the thing, it is assumed that same side sitters sit side by side in restaurants becasue: 
-they want to be close (sappy)
-their love is new
-maybe they miss the one they love
-less reach for that next kiss at the table
-many more reasons, many unknown to this gal! 

If this is the reason you sit on the same side as your partner, I have a response for you! 
Ugh! You will have plenty of time to be close to your loved one if it is meant to be and sitting across a table is REALLY not that far away! Kissing is not a preferred activity at a table anyway and maybe should be done in a more private location. In fact, please spare the other diners the trauma of seeing you kiss at the table. The only spit that should be flying is maybe your drool over a delicious meal headed your way! Please save that touchy feely stuff for your home and not for right in front of us. It's just weird! 

I feel this is the general consensus in the blogging world. Nothing new. 
However, I have felt a little self conscious because my husband and I SOMETIMES are that weird couple sitting on the same side of the booth. Trust me though, it is for none of the above reasons! We are perfectly content to have our own space while eating. Elbow room is preferred by us both! 

So here are the reasons we sit on the same side: 
1. We are reading something together. Usually on our iPad. Usually planning a trip or lately house shopping together. 
2. We are watching a TV which would not be view-able to both if we sat separately. This usually occurs when an Angels game is on! In fact I'm not sure it happens any other time. 

So there it is my opinion on the whole thing! 
What do you think? Are my reasons acceptable ones? Or are we just weird?