Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Haven't Done This In a While

I am up for something I haven't done in a while... 
especially since OHP may be no more some time soon! 

But it has also been a long time since I have done What I'm Loving Wednesday! 
(And with the day i have had, i really need to take a closer look at what i do love about today!)

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Ok here's what I'm loving:
1. That my cat has been watching TV a BUNCH! This week we caught her watching America's Funniest Home Videos! 

2. That Hubby and I are planning our road trip to Colorado! 

3. That I really do have some great friends. It means so much to have Brandon and I surrounded by good people who care about us as much as we care about them! 

4. Summer school has 8 days left! Woo hoo! I love to teach, but, really i love a good break too!

Here are some other things I'm loving:

I'm working on my classroom decor for next year ... and MONSTERS it is! These will look great! And they're FREE! 

This will come in handy! Our school recently purchased Sped Pads - one for each classroom! 

Did you catch the caption? um ... yes please! 

Really wishing I had some of this right now! Looks so terribly refreshing! 

Ok that's all for now... posting pinterest pins is really kind of tiring! Oh and terribly time consuming! 
Hope our week is over the hump already! 

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