Monday, July 15, 2013

Colorful Cookies

Summertime is not usually the time to fire up the oven and bake a batch of cookies! Eh, but then again maybe it is! Baking is never a bad thing, except when you don't want to eat all of the cookies! 

On a monthly basis I make snacks for the Saturday 5 pm service for church... its been an awesome way to come up with some great things to make! Here are the summer time cookies I made a couple weeks ago! MMMMmmmm boy, were they good! 

Here's the pin I used to find this awesome recipe:

Here's what mine looked like: 

I made cherry, lime and grape. The lime ones were my fave though I loved the color of the grape ones! 

Next time...
...I won't be afraid to make these with some whole wheat flour. 
...I will use sugar free Jello. I wonder if they will be colored with the sugar free jello?!
...Some sugar sprinkles would be a fun touch. 
...Using some citrus juice would be an increase in the flavor! (Even though these were already soooo flavorful!) 
...Peach Jello is needed for sure ... next time! 
...I will eat more before I give them away!!! :)
...I will already know that purple is not made by adding the grape jello alone! It's all food coloring on that one! 

What baking have you done during the summer?