Wednesday, July 3, 2013

RT: My Summer Plans

Lots of link ups this week...
so sorry.... 
But, they are definitely ones that I either do normally or that I have wanted to do! 
An original post about my most recent Birchbox items will be coming you way {hopefully} on Friday! 

OOOOHHH and have I mentioned that I vlogged? 
My first one is scheduled to air on this cute little blog next week! 
Oh boy! 
The news was documented on my instagram on Sunday/Monday(?). 
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OK, on to my real post content for the day! 
You should be able to guess at this point! 

Here it is:
1. Finish my Autism Authorization (is it apparent that I am procrastinating this thing?)
2. Workout
3. Plan for my next school year! I plan out my pacing during the summer so that I don't get too caught up in certain units! 
4. Spend time with friends, family and my fur cutie! 
5. Read
6. Continue the house hunt! 
7. A trip to Colorado with my hubby is on the horizon! 
Oh and of course you can add other stuff to this list... check out my bucket list of this summer! 

What are your plans for summer? 
Looking forward to anything in particular? 

PS. Happy Fourth of July! Hope you get the chance to share it with the ones you love the most!