Friday, July 19, 2013

H54F: Sick Kitty Summer Edition

What a mixed bag of emotions I am... 

On one hand I'm ecstatic: My summer break from teaching starts at 12:30 TODAY! 
On the other hand I'm worried: Our kitty is under the weather. (She has a high temp and it could mean other problems or just be a reaction to some ant spray that hubby sprayed early in the day on Thursday. We are hoping for the latter.) I'm trying to stay positive and keep my mind busy. 

Here's a High Five... because of course, it's Friday!!!! 
Two little words: Summer Vacation! 

Hubs and I have been planning out our road trip to Colorado. A route is picked out ... just gotta figure out places to stay and all that! 

Yogurt land has gone Looney!
Last weekend, I tried the Carrot Cake flavor and LOVED it! The spoons are even pretty nifty! They have two characters at a time and will be releasing other spoons in the weeks to come! 
Sorry this is blurry... I always feel as though I need to rush at Yogurtland because there are so many people stealing yogurt as samples filling their cups with yumminess!

This week my hubby and I went on a walk. No pictures of this one. Just time for hubby and I without the nagging feeling of having to document every moment! It was relaxing and fun. 

This peach! 
 I love her and really hope that her temperature drops and she begins to feel better. 

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