Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Davines Dares

Recently I was introduced to some pretty awesome products. 

Hold on. 

Before I begin this post let me be honest about something:
My scalp has been dry and flaky for YEARS! I don't rememebr a time when it wasn't. 

And so...
My hair stylist recommended and kindly gave me a treatment that she and her salon were new to. She had used the products on her son and had great results. She claimed my case was not as bad as her son's, which I thought was just a nice way of saying "it's not so bad." 
(Sidenote: My hair stylist has become more of a friend than a hair stylist over the years and she is always honest with me, it was maybe a little of my insecurity saying how awful my scalp was.) 

I followed her directions to a T. 
1st 3 weeks: Use the shampoo 3x a week along with the gel for 10 minutes. Do not condition the roots. 
2nd 3 weeks: Use the shampoo and the gel the same way but only 1x a week. 

It worked pretty much the first two times I used the stuff and loved it! Finally I had great hair AND scalp! Its been great! However, I am seeing spots where I need to go back and reapply. Time to treat again. This could be because of the season, time spent with wet hair, time out by the pool, etc. Also, I dyed my hair and it definitely changed my scalp again! 

Regardless, this product did work and though it has changed, it is definitely not as bad as it used to be. I will continue to use the stuff and treat my scalp with great care! 

The best part is my Birchbox had some of the Davines products as well! 
Here they are:

The shampoo and conditioner were nothing super great. I did like the conditioner, but the shampoo is pretty average. However, the Oi (Oil) Absolute Beautifying Potion was great. I am considering getting it with my Birchbox points! 

Overall, Davines' new line of products for the scalp are pretty awesome. I also really like the finishing Oil product! Davines definitely has a new customer and I can't wait to get my hands on other products! 

Have you tried any of these products? 
Do you have dry scalp? If so, what do you do to keep the flakes away?