Saturday, July 13, 2013

Not Gonna Be a Ball & Chain

We all enjoy a little me time. 
Something that has been on my mind lately is how important it is for both my hubby and I to have our time away. We both love each other and really love to spend time with each other. In fact aside from work we would probably just stick to seeing each other and not doign much else except on the weekends. 

I thought to myself, maybe there are people out there who might need a little nudge. We get wrapped up in our own tasks and To-Do lists. Raising the kids, prepping for the week, household chores, etc. - these tasks can all be so mundane and make life a bit less interesting! (Except for maybe the raising the kids part, BUT let's be honest, that's tough work!) 
So why not, take a break for yourself! 

DISCLAIMER: This post is about making sure you are a healthy contributing factor to your marriage. Its about experiencing things that can add to your marriage, happiness within your marriage and even your spouse's joy! This is by no means an encouragement to keep your distance from your spouse. These are merely my tips to help you create a healthy marriage. 

A few added notes: 
1. Sign Up! 
For me this means that I take a kickboxing class three times a week. My hubs actually joins me on Saturdays, but ther other nights, I'm all on my own! Some other ideas could be to join a book club, a life group for women (or men) only with your church, a craft group, or even a hiking club! There are cheap options out there too. Check with you local city and see if they offer any classes. Typically they are low cost and GREAT! There are so many options! Find a hobby and go with it! 

2. Schedule! 
Sometimes our spouses are really stuck in doing their normal routine and may be stubborn about trying something new or out of their comfort zone! We all like our cozy little worlds that we live in! But challenge your spouse to do something and they may actually enjoy it! For my hubby, it has been a golf group that our church offered as a life group this summer! It has been awesome to see him come home and be so pumped up after a round of golf with the guys! 

3. Run Errands
Short breaks away from one another can make a world of difference. It could also mean that one person gets something done at home while the other is away doing something on their own. For me this is often grocery shopping. Its nice to meander through the store or even rush through the store picking up exactly what we need for the week without having to wait on someone or having to feel rushed with someone waiting on you. 

4. Plan Ahead! 
This can be key to fitting all of this in to your busy schedule. You wouldn't want to plan something on a night or day that your spouse already had something in mind! It works best to schedule something on a night where you both know you don't normally have something going on for the both of you or even on a night when you know your spouse is busy! 

5. Date Night! 
After all that time away, be sure to make time for the one you love! It can mean the world to me to have my hubs plan a night for just the two of us. It's nice to know that you are thought of in the same way and not that life is just with that same old ball and chain! 

This is what has worked for my hubby and I. We love our outside activities and come home having missed each other. But its a good kind of miss. It makes us both feel wanted and needed and then our time together is just that much more fun! 

I hope and pray that your relationship is filled with love and excitement!