Monday, July 1, 2013

Never Ever Ever First

Don't people say "never say never"? 

Well not in the case of this link up! 

So this girl will never ever ever....

- say "bring on the coffee!" (Tea for me please!)
- can I keep up with laundry! I always seem to be buried by it! 
- will I be pleased that Disneyland is NOT letting my hubs and I upgrade our passes a few days early so we can enjoy the park on 4th of July! Epic fail Disney! 
- could I enjoy people who only talk about themselves. Friendship is a two way street. 
-{on that note} will I like being friends with people who don't share! Openness = honesty! 
- will I not be excited for all the preggo ladies in my life right now! You know who you are! 
-will I miss school when Summer vacay starts! 13 more days of summer school! 
- will I not want to travel! Missing Europe quite a bit lately! Wish hubby and I could jet set ASAP! A road trip to Colorado may have to do! (Invites to guest post may come soon!) 

Link up your never evers.... 
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