Friday, May 11, 2012

High Five 5.11.12

Hey there! 
I am so GLAD it is the weekend! In fact, i am not even sure the word glad fits! I guess it does if glad means ear to ear grin! :D

So last weekend was eventful, and this weekend will be much more relaxing, but i thought this High Five could be slightly themed. So the theme this week is: Last Weekend! (Plus i will throw in one that was a fun week night event!) 

Ranunculus flowers in my home and on my mind! I love these beauties and really enjoyed our trip down to see the Carlsbad Flower Fields last weekend with a few friends! Here are a few shots hub and i took! 

Of course .... I love my new Coach Purse! Oh but i definitely love that my husband is so super sweet to top it off! 
Without him, who  knows where i'd be! 

Seeing the video for Team Hoyt over the weekend was awesome and completely inspiring! I had tears rolling down my cheeks! What awesome super heroes! 
(BTW This video is 10 minutes long short, but truly worth it!)

Loved that last weekend the hubs and i got out and visited Disneyland! We have annual passes and try to go at least 1x a month. It had been a while but here we are when we stopped to people watch near the jungle cruise.

I went to my very first This American Life Live event last night! It truly was a fun time. If you are a listener of This American Life - it is completely worth the cost of the ticket! There are a few good laughs, some crazy dance routines, music that was even interactive, and of course, Ira! Click HERE for more info and tickets! It was also a great time because it was an evening with friends including Jami and Kristen!

If you do not listen to This American Life - now is the time to start! Its a pretty phenomenal show on public radio! So informative and you do not have to be liberal to listen to public radio! 

So that's my high five from the week. What are your top 5? 
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Also, thanks to Kate at Classy Living and Pamela over at Its Me Again... Pamela who have both nominated me again for the Leibster Blog Award! Its so nice to be noticed! I'm definitely feelin' the love!