Monday, May 7, 2012

Uncomfortable & Blessed

Hey there!

So what brought me out of my comfort zone?
You might be a bit surprised.... I am not really much of a shopper and definitely not a shopper of the expensive and over-priced, for sure! But what roughy me out of my comfort zone was definitely a trip into a Coach Outlet Store! I quickly walked thru the store headed for the 50% off shelves and determined I was in a bit over my head if 50% off meant spending $300!!! I then roamed thru the store and found one bag that I thought was much more reasonably priced. I still was not really willing to spend the amount given on the sign! It was cute and I thought it would fit my style without blarring a name brand everywhere! Any who I quickly took a pic of the purse on my iPhone to see if I could find a knock off or similar. Here's that shot....

The story gets better. Hubs saw that I liked the bag and that I wanted out of the store quick. He glanced at the bag I liked and said it was nice. We then mossied to some other stores, all to hunt for a new purse for me! (Mine had zippers that were breaking! So embarrassing!)

Anywho, we shopped for a bit and my husband said he was going back to the car for a bit! I thought nothing of it until he wasn't at the car when I arrived! My thought at first was that he went and bought the bag for me. He showed up and played me and our friends for a fool!

Later that night when we got home he quietly went to take the trash out.... Even though there as only a little trash that needed to be taken out. When he got back he said "don't you want to clean?" I thought to myself, "we just got home, no, I don't want to clean!" I quietly told him I wanted to relax and he said "don't you want to clean on the patio?" at this point I knew something was up and quickly walked outside to find a white paper bag marked "COACH"!!!!!
I don't know how many times I said thank you, that was so nice, and I can't believe you did this to my husband! I am lucky, but not just cause I got a really nice and lovely bag, but truly because I am loved by a dear and sweet man. And I love him, more than I think he realizes!

So coming out of my comfort zone was a pretty good, if not great, experience for me. I should do it much more often!

 Here's the bag I was so generously gifted by my hubs! Gotta love him! 
(BTW can you tell when i use the nicer camera?? Maybe i need to conquer using the new, fancy camera for this little blog! A new resolution!) 

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