Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Pinned ... Just Because

Its time to find out what i have been pinning ....


This looks yummy! Hope to try that! 
The best part is all you need is bananas and a blender or food processor!


Have i mentioned i am on a diet and that everything with food looks great ... but i can't have it! The GREAT part is i am a week in and have lost about 8 lbs.!!!!


I love this! What a great reminder!


I would love to keep a jar like this .... just write down memories from the year and read them when the new year comes! I might start this at our anniversary and read it each year on our anniversary! 


A bunch of date ideas for me to impress hubs with! 




Someday this will hang in my house .... with family foot and hand prints! 


Wish I could sew ... just to make these simple boogers! 


My husband doesn't know that i would love to make one of these and change the rug in our bathroom! He would probably say "another project?!?"


Aren't these adorable??? I will take one of each, please!

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