Saturday, May 19, 2012

Photo-a-day in MAY

OK so a while back I mentioned that i would be participating in the Photo a Day in May on Instagram. So here is what i have been up to. Not every photo was posted on instagram, but i tried to get photos up on there.... take a look and see how i did! 

Day 1: Peace - definitely the calm after the storm of kick nation!
Day 2: Skyline - farms and hills on the way home from work.
Day 3: Something I wore... a blankey curled up on the couch with hubs!
Day 4: Fun - this guy had lights in his spokes and was riding at night! It was also a bit fun to take a picture as we drove by. And no, i was not driving! 
Day 5: Bird for sale

Day 6: You - this is me with the hubs at Disneyland!
Day 8: A Smell I adore - i love the smell of my sheets as i crawl into bed at night! 

Day 10: A favorite word: Hope (its really tiny on my ring!) 

Day 11: Kitchen - here's the kitchen shot at Taco Surf! 
Day 12: Something that makes me happy.
Day 14: Grass.... woo hoo! go halos!
 OK, so as you can see i have not really been all that consistent! I wish that it were easier to remember to take a randomly listed photo each day. So i think, that this may be my last photo-a-day participation. This blog, to me, is not about the unfinished. So, after the experience of the first half of May, i realized how hard it would be to continue this and would like to put more of my energy into projects that can be finished! (More about a project that is planned on Tuesday!) For now i hope you enjoyed my photos! Sorry some were so blurry and not that great! Also, i will still be on instagram periodically, if you would like to find me. My user name is Simoney234.

In addition to my photo a day shots i thought i would share a link that i plan on using to plan my lessons next year. This could also be helpful to people who just like to find random holidays! 

So, upon looking back on my teaching this past year, i realized that i truly wanted to incorporate some more holidays into my instruction! I decided i would need to find a resource that lists holidays, even the random ones. This will be one part of my lesson planning for the coming school year! (You may say it is too early to begin thinking of September, but really its not!) The link where you can find random holidays is below this random list of holidays i thought was pretty entertaining! Hope you enjoy! 

May is ...
Heal the Children Month
Motorcycle Safety Month
National Barbecue Month &
National Salad Month (just to name a few)

Other celebrations in May: 
Mike, the Headless Chicken Day! (Today!)
National Taffy Day (23rd)
Slugs Return from Capistrano Day (28th)

Find more May holidays here! And even more for the other months of the year too! If anything, i hope you find an amusing holiday to celebrate with your loved ones!