Monday, May 28, 2012


Good morning my friends!

Here's a quick review of one of my Birch Box items from this month.
This time around its about my cute pink twistband!

This little thing was pretty nice to wear! It did not slip or slide though I completely expected it too. It held my hair back all day and despite the color (not my favorite) I really liked it! This is actually the first time that I have worn pink in a really long time! Anywho, they are thin and seem like they will hold me hair, I just wanna order more colors! They come in a bunch of colors too! Just visit their website!

Here I am wearing mine on Saturday! Can u see it? It's there.... But the ocean/coastline is so beautiful and the angle is bad! Oh well!

Hope u have had a great day back to work! For those of u already on summer break.... Arghhhh, I wish I was you! But still I hope you are enjoying your break!

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