Monday, May 21, 2012

Dear Simone,

Linking up once again with Jessica at Lovely Little Things. This week's task is to write a letter to my younger self! 

Lovely Little Things

 There are so many things I could tell you! Let me begin by telling you that all you hard work playing teacher will one day pay off! It may not be a dream now but one day you will see how much joy teaching can bring you.

Be sure to cherish your loved ones! They are truly your biggest motivators. You mom will be your hero forever and your sister, though younger than you, will be someone you look up to constantly. You will grow up into a lovely woman because of both of them and the people who surrounded your family!

Never forget how influential a great group of friends can be. The group of friends you make throughout your life deserves your time, effort, and energy. They love you and will teach you more that you know about friendship! They will also encourage & protect you. You will have so many memories! These moments you share with your friends and family are to be cherished. Consider yourself blessed and never think that you lack even an ounce of people who care for you. 

You will not spend your life alone. In fact, you will find the one you love in a not so typical way, but rather a modern way! He will love you even on the first date and find you beautiful in so many different ways. He will be a great leader for you and your family. Make sure to take in all the good times with him. He will like to remind you of that! Be sure to listen to him because he is right often (especially when it comes to creating memories)! Just know that your love for him will grow so much that you may feel as though you will burst into tears or that your heart will explode!
Don't be afraid to do something that challenges you! It will give you more opportunities and life lessons that you can use later in life. It seems so lazy to do things the easy way anyway. When u take on those challenges, make sure to do them wholeheartedly and look back on surviving them with pride! Don't critique your mistakes that came along the way!

People will see a strong and independent person who loves. Just be sure to show that at all times. Also, be sure to real. Never be afraid to say that you need help, have a weakness, or that something might be too much! Your life is not worth the small stuff! But know also, that you can handle quite a bit! 

Above all else know that you are saved. Know that our Lord came to save you and he loves you more than any one of these people ever could. He knows everything about you and seeks after you in this great romance called life. He knows your heart and only longs for your love in return. Defend the faith that you have and stand firm on Jesus.