Monday, May 21, 2012

A Front Door Issue

I have a problem. 

My front door has been a bit of an addiction. At least decorating it has. I love to be seasonal when it coms to decorating our front door. However, my problem is that it just cannot look like Easter until the end of May! 

NO, NO! It cannot!!!! 

So, i have a possible solution! Here are some ideas:

This last one here has a pretty awesome vlog tutorial!
I am thinking this is the one! 
I will of course be using spring like colors. 





PS Yes, I know i have committed a blog felony by posting twice today, but i am truly trying to start posting the night before the day of the post! So this is technically Tuesdays post! Enjoy! 

PPS. I am approaching 100 posts! Maybe it's time for a giveaway? A home made one from me... anyone interested?