Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Is if Fall Yet?

Ok so this is random... it's completely random that i was planning and putting together a post that had to do with my Fall TV line up and then I discovered that Linny, Em, and Sarah all had that planned out for me for Random Thursday! 

Glad they did because i would have only got as far as researching it, especially since it is like still 100+ degrees out! It definitely doesn't feel like Fall unless there is new TV to watch. But anyway, there are so many clips, articles, behind the scenes videos, and more for so many new shows! I would have seriously gotten distracted enough to possibly skip the post! So here they are in a very specific order... well except within each category. 

Might Watch

OK so i am starting at the bottom.... here's the list of shows i might catch here or there. Not sure if they will be clogging up my DVR just yet, but who knows, one or two may spark my interest for a season or two! 

The Neighbors on ABC
The New Normal on NBC
Elementary on CBS

Definitely Will Try

These are shows that have peaked my curiosity! I am looking to add these to my DVR and excited to watch! 

Nashville on ABC
Best Friends Forever on NBC
Betty White's Off Their Rocker on NBC
Go On on NBC

And of course ... last but most definitely not least:

Can.Not.Wait To Watch

Modern Family

Grey's Anatomy


The Office


Rules of Engagement 

OK so that is a lot fo TV... I admit i am kind of a junkie when it comes to fall season premieres. I can rememebr as early as junior high trying to figure out what we were gonna watch and learning all about new shows from THE NEWSPAPER! Yep, that's right folks, before the internet had all the info you could possibly find! 

So, what are you excited to watch this Fall? 
I'm so curious to know!