Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm Feeling Lucky

How long have you used Google to search for this and that? 

I know for myself I have used Google for so many different things for as long as i can remember. I use it often as a teacher and often as a blogger as well! Any idea i have or curiosity i need to gather info on, Google is there. My point here is not that i am an avid user, but rather that I always seem to have a point to using Google to search for things. Welp, the other night i was just putzing around on the computer and i FINALLY hit the the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button! 

Yep, after all these years, I have finally done it! Who knew you could learn so much too!?!?
I learned that it is 

And that it is

And also learned more about the Hubble Telescope and that it gets to shoot awesome shots like this!

This was all because i felt lucky, stellar, playful, and so much more! 
I left feeling a bit more educated! 
Thanks Google! 

Am I the only one who had never explored this? 

P.S. BTW You can play PacMan on the 30th anniversary page! So cool! (Kept hubs entertained for approx. 15 minutes!)