Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Who knew?

Being a pet parent has changed me so much!
Why did no one ever tell me that owning a pet was just so rewarding!?!?
Ok so I lie a bit! Some of of you told me.... But no one really explained just how much fun taking care of an animal can be such a neat experience! Don't get me wrong, ther are parts that I dislike. For example I realy dislike that my legs are so darn scratched up and that my kitten draws blood on an almost daily basis. But there is so much I love about entering the pet world.

Here's just a few things i love about caring for Lily:

1. She follows me from room to room and I love it. I feel as though I am not alone. Yes, I am married and I do have my hubby, but he does not follow me from room to room!  She, my little Lily, does.

2. This kitten loves to blog! She is highly entertained by computer screens and the iPad. It has made blogging difficult in a new, different, and acceptable way. Whenever i hop on the computer she is there to keep me company attack me while i blog away! Despite the attacks, i love that she is so interested and has really kept me company while i blog. She does REALLY need to stop hunting every strand of my hair though! I know I will eventually not have this problem as much, but she is a kitten and playing with her is so FUN!

3. I am such a sucker for a great cuddle session from this little kitten! I love when she purrs. I love having her asleep on my chest or lap and just looking at her adorable pink lip!

There's my list the far ... There's more, but these are just the beginning for sure! This little kitten has me hooked and I cannot wait to have more space to get a pup to go with this adorable little kitten! Did I mention that I have ever had a real pet before!? Only a fish nada turtle that stayed into backyard (when I was 5)! Those we notrealpets! This little one totally loves me and hubs and we love her! I think we'll keep her!

Who wouldn't want this face?
PS. One more thing. She has brought such laughter to our home. Hubs and i are constantly laughing at the little funny things she does! And her little cry just tugs at my heart strings! I hate hearing her cry/meow!