Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Update

Before I begin.... let me take a minute to wish my lovely sister a very happy birthday! I love you and am so proud of you! You have accomplished so much and are such a bright and intelligent woman! Love you! 
(PS. Your card is in the mail!) 

Here's my weekend in review.... 


Friday was filled with a Mexican dinner, rented movie and wreath making! (That's right the wreath is almost done!!!) Sorry no pics of Friday night ... call it pure exhaustion! 


The day began with kickboxing, breakfast and then a little hair dying. You can see the color in a couple pics! Oh and seeing this little girl asleep on the couch! Then it was off to catch a game! We met up with some friends and then rode the short bus to the game FOR FREE! The game was GREAT especially since we had such great seats! 


We headed down to Laguna Beach and ate brunch at The Cottage. Then it was time for R&R on the grass by the beach! It was great to people watch and just enjoy the view! There was a man blowing bubbles for the kids (hubs and i were convinced that he might be a pedophile) and the kids were giggling and running around like crazy! So fun!

That was my weekend.
How was yours?