Monday, September 10, 2012

Calendar Freebie for Teachers!!!!

This week is already turning into a LONG week! My students had a rough day. I think its 'cause their internal clock says "But last week we weren't here at school on a Monday, why now?" 
It makes the week so welcomed! Er.... um ... not really!

So for all my teacher friends I am giving a freebie away! Its my calendar journal! I found some ideas on Pinterest and made it my own a bit. It too has "gone buggy" just like my room and the kids have enjoyed using this sheet for warm up! The best part is it is so easy to keep on hand! I use this among other sheets as a warm up and the kids have loved the variety! one of my little guys is eating it up! Today he looked riveted and i had never really seen that. I thought he looked a bit confused and he was completely DIALED in! Love that! 

I hope you will put it to good use and that your kiddos will learn from using it!

Calendar Journal


By the way, tomorrow begins the GREAT 100 follower giveaway on this blog! Hope you might join in! Better yet, tell a friend about it!