Sunday, September 30, 2012

20 Something

Alright! Enough is enough... something has got to be said! 

Let's just start with this and then i will move on to my rant! 
I enjoy blogs and reading every little morsel of what is put on the internet (for the most part). I enjoy bloggers from many different perspectives and think it is wonderful when someone can write an eloquent piece that they decide to share with others. I also learn a lot from other bloggers and would not trade this blogging world for anything. This is in no way a bash of any of the bloggers that i follow, it's really just and "I'm just sayin'!" moment! 

So here it is... I think it has become cool, trendy, or whatever to say that you are "20-something" This has slowly gotten on my nerves! I am completely OK with my age and think it is just a number and if anything it shows a bit of life experience and maybe even a little wisdom. I am tired of women who get so depressed during their birthday week, day, month and so on! This is not just apparent in the blogging world. It is only age and if you feel you are lacking something let's just please move on and do something to change what you want to be different in your life. If you are not in a relationship, find one. If you are stuck in a boring job, change it. If you lack happiness or health or peace, then change it! But when i look at other blogs and i see that someone isn't willing to share their age when they are in their 20s, this frustrates me...

Why? Why would one want to hide? Let's be honest, there is a big difference between 20 and 29. There is so much change that life brings during that decade of time! Why not share your age? I share mine happily. I am 32 and proud of my accomplishments and where i stand in life. Do i have goals and dreams that i have yet to live out? YES! But, it just seems terribly ridiculous that a 20 year old would refrain from posting an age. 

I am writing this not to change your mind, but maybe to call attention to this trend that only makes it seem as though something is hidden. We are bloggers and as bloggers it seems as though we put ourselves out there. As a reader and a blogger, i sure hope that the other blogs i read are honest. If we are not honest about the simplest of things (such as our own age) then what else do we hide? 

Maybe i am missing something. Is there a reason that within your 20s you would hide your age? 
In my opinion, there is not. In fact there isn't a reason to hide you age no matter what age you are. This girl never will hide it.