Saturday, September 29, 2012

Around the Room

I've been working hard all week on bulletin boards, cleaning, organizing and just generally getting ready to welcome parents into my classroom! 

Here's how some of it turned out:  
Parents were greeted with this cute info packet and a tasty apple! 

The rhyme on the tag says:
"An apple for the teacher is really nothing new except when you rememebr that parents are teachers too! I'm looking forward to working with you and your child this year!" 

This is a new activity this year! The kids have loved it and it can be as short or as long as you like! I call it my Buzz Book (got that from another teacher somewhere... can't remember who!?!) but this is generally a morning message. So far we have focused on finding nouns and verbs as sentence parts. 

Our Word of the week each week is from our current social studies or science unit! I even teach the kids a hand motion to go with it! This has increased their comprehension of certain concepts quite a bit! Plus our number of the week too! 
The lettering turned out great! Love it! 

 This borad may change a bit through out the year, but for now, it has a great anchor chart that lists strategies for solving math problems! 
 I love how the lettering turned out on this board! 
 Our reading board! 
 Another great anchor chart that we did this year! 
And here's my board for outstanding work! The lettering and turned out great and so did the hippos! 

This is my Character trait themed door! You can even see one of my GLAD posters! Love this strategy to teach character traits! 

And here's an old favorite! Along with another one below! These have held up so well that htey didn't need changing! (BTW I have had the fade proof paper up for about 2-3 years. Love that stuff! It has held up quite well!)

A special thanks to my awesome aides and my hubby who all helped me cut out letters, words, and clean through out the week! 

So that's me strutin my stuff... go check out what everyone else made over @ Six Sisters StuffPhotobucket