Monday, October 1, 2012

Friends Forever

Here's my tribute to some really great friends.... 

These are all ladies that i have had stick through so much with me. At this stage in our lives we may not always communicate regularly, but whenever we see each other we pick back up right where we left off! Life and locations can so easily get in the way... but these gals will forever be some of my best friends!  

First, here's my sister, Tara: 
I am so proud of what she has become! I have always known that she would grow up to be a strong independent woman! We have had our ups and downs, but i love her and know that she would always just want the best for me! 

Elena has been my friend since junior high! We both akwardly made our way through highschool together and have been friends ever since. I love this lady! She has become a beautiful woman, wife and mother of 2! 

Cindi and Andi are my tall friends! They are sisters and have been there for a lot! We once were neighbors who spent every waking moment together but they moved and we stayed friends! This is not very common seeing as how this all happened when we were all in junior high! They both have such kind hearts and are a blast to be around! 

Leah (I couldn't decide which photo!) is a friend who i love dearly! She has guided me through troubles and always had something to laugh about with me! We traveled together in college and we clicked so quickly! She is so kind, forgiving, and patient! Great qualities of another wife and mother who i admire!  
 Liz and i have had some great memories together! this girl always knows how to show me a good time and I love how she has taught me to just enjoy life in a new way! She never seems to be worried or stressed and though i know she has had her share of struggles, i admire how fearless she is and how she takes everything in stride! 

 So, these are all my girlfriends. I have grown up with these ladies! Each of them have touched my life in so many ways! They have been around and they know me so well. I truly love them! But i cannot ignore my best friend. My husband. I now this sounds cheesy and a little cliche, but he truly is my best friend. I tell him everything and often cannot wait to hear from him! He encourages me and helps me to see my flaws so that i can work on them. He is a strong man who worships me in so many ways! He leads me and i cannot wait for what is to come with this man! 

What have your friends brought to your life? 
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