Monday, October 22, 2012

Top 10 Recipes Lately

Recently I have had a few people ask questions about my meal planning. 
I have gotten it down to quite a science, you see, and so i will be posting a short series on what i do each week to plan at least three meals for dinners and a lunches for the week as well! 
Oh, and did i mention i cook and prep it all on one afternoon! Sometimes it only takes me 90 minutes with cleaning time included! 

In the mean time, i thought i would share some of my favorite recipes! 
So, here are my current Top Ten Recipes In Rotation:

Pasta E Fagioli in the Crock Pot

Crock Pot Minestrone

Crock Pot Three Bean Chilli

Sweet Peppers that are bubbling away in my crock pot right now!!! 

Taco Salad with a fresh flare: Fresh mangoes! 
*When mangoes are out of season, dried mangoes worked just great! Just be careful about portions as the dried ones can have a bunch of sugar! 

Slow Cooker Apple Cinnamon Steel Cut Oatmeal! MMmmm! 

Cowboy Caviar = Easy side dish or AWESOME dip with a bag of chips! Yum! the best part is this recipe can be caried anyway you prefer! there is really no way to mess it up! 

Autumn Chopped Salad with cranberries, pears, pecans, feta, and a little bacon! This was lunch last week and it was totally refrshing even on a hot SoCal Fall day! :)

I know these are just hard-boiled eggs, but the preparation is definitely EVERYTHING in this case! Love this easy solution to what can be easily messed up! 

This stuff is great as a dessert or a sweet apetizer or even can be used instead of a fruit salad! Gotta love Fruit Salsa! So sweet and yummy! 

Alright, for the record  i have tried each and every recipe in this bunch! I love them all! They all get my mouth watering! Might make Pasta E Fagioli next week! My mouth is watering already! 
Which one would you make next? 
PS. Please let me know if you have any specific questions about my meal planning and cook day! I would love to give detailed information as to what i do each week! It's difficult to be detailed when you do a cook day each week, it all becomes habit! Leave a comment below with your questions!