Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bugged Blogger

Well this is not so random for this blog. I have already posted a pet peeve this week and i hate to be a bit whiny, but here are my 

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So here they are ... 
But don't forget to check out this pet peeve that was written a little earlier this week! 

I only have a couple more...
When a blog consists of mostly sponsorships and trying to sell things (ad space, certain websites, teacher's pay teachers units, etc.). This buuuuuuuuugggs me. It honestly makes me wonder why i am still following that blog. I don't mind a few of these things, but i follow blogs because i enjoy the content that the blogger provides. I see why many bloggers have sponsorships and try to sell things, but i just don't like it when its every post, every day. 

Over posting. I think one post per day is enough. Enough said. 

Word verification! I cannot stand figuring out those darn numbers and letters. It can be super dumb. We already spend so much time doing this bloggy thing and then to take even more time just to leave comments. Ugh! If you do have this on your blog, please know i will not be a regular commenter on your blog! Please change your settings!!! Go here for more info. 

I think that is what really bugs me most!
What bugs you?